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Prop speed reduction unit recommendations

Engine Size: 4 Cylinder, 1600-2275 cc, with heavy duty oil pump (30mm Shadek)

Comp. Ratio: 8 to 1- Max


10-14 lbs.-Best 5 lbs.- Minimum Note: Most of weight should be in the outer rim area. Heavier flywheel gives smoother operation.

Crankshaft Bolt:

Deep drilled-Best 5\8" x 3-1\2" long Stock VW-Satisfactory-20mm x 50mm

Engine Speed:

3600 to 4000 RPM @ Take off
3000 to 3400 RPM @ Cruise

Prop Recommendations:

1.3 Ratio - approximately 5 1\2 ft. diameter.
1.6 Ratio - approximately 6 ft. diameter.
2.0 Ratio - approximately 6 1\2 to 7 ft diameter.
2.47 Ratio - approximately 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 ft diameter.

Bearing Recommendations:

Oil hole in small main bearing should be elongated, (approx .060" toward cam gears) and lightly chamfered on the inside. This is to prevent the very small oil hole from plugging (Some new bearings already have this larger hole).